In recent years, boxing has undergone a dramatic transformation. The rise of YouTubers entering the ring has brought unprecedented engagement, sometimes surpassing that of top-level professional bouts. This trend has even led to the creation of promotions like Misfits, dedicated to organizing such events.

Just when it seemed boxing couldn’t surprise us further, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have announced their upcoming fight, to be streamed on Netflix. Tyson, now in his late 50s, is far from his prime. Meanwhile, Paul, despite proving himself beyond just a YouTuber, has yet to match the legacy of Tyson, who was famously dubbed ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet.’

Tyson’s fearsome reputation extended beyond the ring, making even spectators nervous. In his 58 professional fights, 44 opponents found themselves on the canvas, a testament to his unmatched power and skill.

Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul: Is It A Netflix and Thrill?

Boxer vs Youtuber

Why is Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fighting?

Why Are Mike Tyson and Jake Paul Fighting? The Simple Answer: Money!

The much-anticipated fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul is primarily driven by financial motives. For Tyson, a retired legend, this fight offers nothing but a hefty paycheck and a chance to experience the thrill of the ring once more. Jake Paul, still early in his career, appears focused on fighting the biggest names to generate the most headlines, rather than competing against active fighters within the rankings.

The Lack of a Governing Body in Boxing

The fact that the Tyson vs. Paul fight is even taking place highlights the absence of a unified governing body in boxing. Such a governing organization could impose standards and regulations that might prevent mismatches of this nature. The fight’s existence underscores the need for better oversight in the sport to maintain its integrity and competitive fairness.

The Risky Nature of the Fight

This bout presents a lose-lose situation for both fighters. If Jake Paul wins, critics will note that he only defeated a nearly 60-year-old man who is well past his prime. On the other hand, if Paul loses, he risks a severe beating, considering Tyson’s legendary punching power, which remains formidable even in his later years. Tyson’s last asset, his powerful punch, makes the risk for Paul very real.

Tyson’s Legacy and the Match’s Implications

For Mike Tyson, a victory would do little to enhance his legacy, as defeating a former YouTuber like Jake Paul is nowhere near the level of achievement compared to his past opponents, such as Frank Bruno. This fight does not reflect the kind of high-stakes competition that defined Tyson’s illustrious career, making the matchup more about spectacle than sport.

Reactions from the Boxing Community

The boxing community has expressed widespread disapproval of this fight. Eddie Hearn, promoter of Matchroom Boxing, has labeled it “sad for boxing,” reflecting the sentiment that the fight undermines the sport’s seriousness. Similarly, Irish boxing legend Barry McGuigan criticized the bout, saying, “You can be sure money’s got something to do with it!” Their reactions highlight concerns about the sport’s direction and the influence of money over merit.

jake paul vs mike tyson - "The most-watched boxing event in modern boxing history"
jake paul vs mike tyson - "The most-watched boxing event in modern boxing history"

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul: Who Will Win?

Jake Paul’s boxing skills have significantly improved over the past few years, showcasing his ability to go the distance with Tommy Fury, a recognized professional boxer. Paul has demonstrated speed, strength, and fitness, which should give him an edge in the ring. However, he’s up against Mike Tyson—legendary “Iron Mike.”

Opinions about this fight are mixed. Some argue that Tyson, who has been seen using a walking stick, should not be fighting. Others believe Jake Paul should reconsider after seeing Tyson’s training videos, which reveal that he still possesses remarkable power and skill.

The outcome of this fight is uncertain and could go either way. It ultimately hinges on which version of Mike Tyson shows up on fight day.

When Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will fight?

The Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight is on the 20th July 2024 at the AT&T Stadium in Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

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