GLORY Kickboxing Strengthens French Presence with New Matchmaker Gyp Tessier

GLORY Kickboxing is committed to expanding its influence in the French market by appointing Gyp Tessier as the new Matchmaker & Talent Operations Manager. Tessier will work alongside Robbie Timmers, the Head of Matchmaking and Talent Operations, to discover and sign top French fighters. Tessier, who has a rich history in martial arts spanning nearly four decades, will also support GLORY’s international operations.

Tessier’s extensive experience, including his recent role in the successful GLORY 91 event in Paris, positions him as a key asset in GLORY’s strategy to showcase French kickboxing talent on a global stage. This move underscores GLORY’s dedication to bringing more local and international events to France, enhancing the visibility and opportunities for French fighters​.

“GLORY focuses all its attention on France and French fans. We will regularly organize events where the best kickboxers in the country will compete to earn their place on the biggest kickboxing stage,” said Gyp Tessier. “France has a real culture of combat sports and martial arts, the amount of talent is enormous. GLORY will provide a platform for French kickboxers to shine in their country and around the world.”

“I’m thrilled to have someone with Tessier’s knowledge and expertise on board,” said Robbie Timmers. “France is a major focus for us, and having Tessier assist with scouting, signing, and developing new talent is a tremendous asset. With him on our team, I am confident we can create even better matches and further strengthen our weight divisions.”

GLORY does not require fighters to be affiliated with a specific management team, gym, or individual in order to compete. For more information on how to participate in GLORY, please email

Gyp Tessier, with nearly four decades of martial arts expertise, began his career in Paris in 1988. He then traveled to Thailand in the early ’90s to enhance his skills, followed by training under legendary coach Phil Nurse in New York City, who mentored champions like GSP and Jon Jones.

Tessier’s journey continued in London at Urban Kings Gym, a premier martial arts destination attracting stars like Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell, and Ramon Dekkers. His involvement significantly boosted the gym’s reputation in the European fighting community.

In early 2024, Tessier joined GLORY Kickboxing and played a pivotal role in the successful GLORY 91 event in Paris. This event highlighted new French talents such as Ramy Deghir, Bobo Sacko, and Mehdi Ait El Hadj, marking a significant milestone in GLORY’s expansion in the French market.

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