OKTAGON MMA Poised to Make History with Record-Breaking Event in Frankfurt

Europe’s premier MMA promotion, OKTAGON, is set to make combat sports history. On October 12th, they aim to sell out the 58,000-seat Deutsche Bank Park Stadium in Frankfurt for their OKTAGON 62 event, potentially breaking the UFC’s record for the highest-attended MMA show to date.

Having already surpassed the UFC’s record for the largest MMA event in Germany last year, CEO Pavol Neruda hopes this milestone will cement OKTAGON’s place in MMA history. The promotion’s rising prominence is evident from their recent success in Prague, where they sold out Eden Stadium with 28,000 fans in attendance.

The Czech and Slovakian promotion’s upcoming event in Frankfurt is poised to be a landmark moment in combat sports, showcasing OKTAGON’s growing influence and ambition. Will they set a new record and solidify their legacy in the MMA world? Only time will tell, but the anticipation is palpable.

OKTAGON MMA co-owner Pavol Neruda, commented:

“It is absolutely unbelievable, we feel so grateful for the fans and the position they have afforded us in Germany. It is really not easy to sell even 20,000.

“We are selling that amount regularly in Czechia, Germany and Slovakia. It might look easy, because we are so lucky to have people here, but in the end it is a lot of effort that needs to be put in to make it happen.

“When we announced the Eintracht Frankfurt stadium move, we did not know what to expect. It is a huge stadium, a colosseum and an unbelievably huge venue.

“We were honestly thinking that if we could get more than 40,000 people in there, then anything above would be a success. It is our first stadium show here and it is absolutely massive. After two months, we have 50,000.

“It is absolutely crazy, mind-blowing and still selling really well and tracking towards an even bigger number. There are just 8,000 left until we break the world record for the highest attended MMA event in the history of the sport, so we are so close and that would mean so much.

“We thought we had strong momentum after selling the biggest arena in Cologne, and that now was the time to do a huge stadium – even if we thought it might be too much. It took a lot of courage, but we now see that momentum was right.

“We sold 50,000 tickets and people in Germany now want to talk with us. All of the big sponsors are keen to chat to us because they want to be there with us. We are negotiating a huge TV deal that would make us very big in Germany if it is a success, and we also have something incredible planned for the halftime show.

“We now have a really huge name locked in for that, it is one of the biggest German stars from the music industry and it will underline what we are trying to say to people. We are a family entertainment, we are for you.

“We know some people might be hesitant because it is MMA, but now the world can see this event is for everyone.”

Beating the UFC’s highest attendance record would cement us as the next best MMA promotion in the world

“It would mark an absolutely huge milestone in the growth and the maturity of OKTAGON as a company. This will be a huge step for us, and it will tell the world how huge we are.

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Pavol Neruda - Oktagon MMA
Pavol Neruda - Oktagon MMA

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