Stoyan Koprivlenski Secures K-1 WORLD MAX 2024 Title in Tokyo

The Bulgarian top contender takes home the belt after an impressive night in Tokyo.

K-1 World MAX made a triumphant return yesterday after a 14-year hiatus, with the event taking place at the Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. The night was filled with thrilling bouts, but the spotlight was undoubtedly on Buakaw, who aimed for his third World MAX title, 20 years after his first win. However, Stoyan Koprivlenski had other plans, delivering a career-defining performance. Koprivlenski defeated Buakaw in the first round, ultimately claiming the K-1 World MAX 70 kg championship.

Buakaw’s Future in K-1

The media buzzed with questions about whether this would be Buakaw’s last appearance in a K-1 ring. Addressing these concerns, Buakaw expressed uncertainty about his K-1 future but remained committed to fighting in various promotions across Japan. “I will have to think if I will fight in K-1 again. I want to fight in many promotions in Japan. K-1 will get bigger in the future, but right now my main promotion is Rizin. I want to thank everyone for not forgetting Buakaw. I will continue to train hard in Thailand. I might be older and a different Buakaw now, but I can still fight. I will fight anyone. Thank you everyone for your support.”

K-1 WORLD MAX 2024 Results
Tokyo, Japan 7th July 2024, Yoyogi Arena hosted K-1 WORLD MAX featuring the finals for the 70kg WGP. When former K-1 MAX Champion Buakaw accepted the wildcard to enter the tournament many wondered if the 42 year old Thai superstar could regain the K-1 title, but Stoyan Koprivlenski dropped Buakaw with a head kick to secure a points victory. Koprivlenski went on to win the tournament, knocking out Viktor Akimov in the final. The opening round of the 55kg WGP was dominated by Japanese Kickboxer’s who won all four matches.

K-1 WORLD MAX Final: Koprivlenski vs. Akimov

Koprivlenski’s journey to the final was grueling, having battled both Buakaw and Silva. His opponent, Akimov, entered the final bout relatively fresh, having won his previous fights by knockout. Despite the physical toll, Koprivlenski set the fight’s pace with clean knee strikes to Akimov’s body, followed by a relentless barrage of punches that sent Akimov to the canvas. Akimov, though he rose after an eight-count, could not withstand Koprivlenski’s continuous onslaught, leading to a knockout victory for the Bulgarian and the K-1 World MAX crown.

At the post-fight press conference, Koprivlenski expressed his desire for more titles, specifically eyeing a bout with K-1 Super Welterweight champion Ouyang Feng. K-1 Producer Carlos Kikuta confirmed this matchup as the next fight for both fighters, to take place once Feng recovers from his injuries.

Yoza Crushes Kongnapa

In a highly anticipated non-title matchup, reigning champion Yoza faced former champion Kongnapa. Kongnapa started strong, pushing Yoza back with powerful left hooks and maintaining a fast pace with his punches. However, Yoza responded effectively with leg kicks and jabs, eventually finding an opening. A flying knee to Kongnapa’s body brought him down, and although Kongnapa attempted to retaliate, Yoza secured a knockout win with a decisive left hook. Addressing the crowd after his victory, Yoza called for K-1 to bring in tougher international fighters.

55 kg Tournament Domination

The -55 kg tournament saw a dominant performance from Japanese fighters, with all four advancing to the second round scheduled for September 29. Akihiro Kaneko and Kumura Masashi, both securing knockout wins, are poised as the favorites. Reigning Super Bantamweight champion Kaneko expressed confidence in his participation following his knockout victory, setting the stage for an exciting continuation of the tournament.


Stoyan Koprivlenski delivered the performance of his career, defeating the Thai in the first round and ultimately claiming the K-1 World MAX 70 kg championship.

K-1 WORLD MAX 2024

70 kg Tournament – Final – Main Event

Stoyan Koprivlenski def. Viktor Akimov – KO at 2:07 of R1

Yuki Yoza def. Kongnapa Weerasakreck – KO at 2:30 of R1

Shintaro Matsukura def. Alexandru Amaritei – Unanimous Decision

Viktor Akimov def. Sergio Sanchez – KO at 1:33 of R3

Stoyan Koprivlenski def. Raphael Silva – Unanimous Decision

Kaneko Akihiro def. Kan Meng Hong – KO at 0:57 of R3

Masashi Kumura def. Antonio Orden – KO at 0:56 of R1

Riamu Masamoto def. Angelos Martinos – KO at 0:40 of Extra Round

Rui Okubo def. Zhendong Zhao – Unanimous Decision


Kacper Muszyński def. Zhora Akopyan – Unanimous Decision

Viktor Akimov def. Romano Bakboord – KO at 0:06 of R2

Raphael ‘Dengue’ Silva def. Darryl Verdonk – Unanimous Decision

Stoyan Koprivlenski def. Buakaw Banchamek – Unanimous Decision

Sergio Sanchez def. Petros Freitas – KO at 2:25 of R2 


Yokoyama Tomoya def. Guilherme Monteiro – KO at 1:43 of R1

Takumi Terada def. Shoki Kaneda – Majority Decision 

Yuta Matsuyama def. Naoki Yamamoto – KO at 2:07 of R2

Kira Matsutani def. Yoo Jung Jung – Unanimous Decision 

Koji Ikeda def. Koki Tomimura – TKO at 2:05 of R2 

Pro Fighters – Top Fighters

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