PFL Africa: Francis Ngannou Leads the Charge in Expanding MMA on the Continent

Francis Ngannou’s New Role with PFL and MMA’s Expansion into Africa

How Francis Ngannou and PFL Plan to Revolutionize African MMA by 2025?

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has made a significant move by joining the Professional Fighters League (PFL). His contract not only allows him to compete in the PFL’s pay-per-view Super Fight Division but also grants him a leadership role as the chairman of PFL Africa. This partnership highlights Ngannou’s vision of expanding MMA in Africa, with the PFL planning to host events on the continent by 2025.

Ngannou’s Role and Reaction

Ngannou expressed excitement about his new role, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of his deal with PFL, which goes beyond typical athlete contracts by including equity and leadership responsibilities. Ngannou will play a crucial role in representing athletes’ interests and promoting MMA in Africa, leveraging his influence and popularity to foster growth in the sport.

PFL’s Strategic Move

PFL’s decision to bring Ngannou on board aligns with their broader strategy to expand globally. By 2025, PFL aims to establish a strong presence in Africa, starting with a series of high-profile events. This initiative is part of a broader effort to tap into new markets and develop MMA talent in regions with growing interest in combat sports.

Potential Growth of MMA in Africa

The next three years could see significant growth in MMA across Africa, driven by several factors:

  1. Rising Popularity of MMA: The sport has been gaining traction in Africa, with increasing numbers of fans and local fighters emerging on the international scene.
  2. Economic Investment: PFL’s financial commitment and strategic partnerships will provide much-needed infrastructure and opportunities for African fighters.
  3. Local Talent Development: Establishing training facilities and hosting events will help nurture local talent, providing a platform for African fighters to showcase their skills.
  4. Community Engagement: MMA events can boost community engagement and provide economic benefits through tourism and local business support.

The introduction of PFL Africa spearheaded by Ngannou is expected to catalyze the development of MMA in Africa, potentially transforming the continent into a new hub for the sport.


Francis Ngannou’s role with PFL marks a pivotal moment for MMA’s expansion into Africa. With a strategic plan in place and significant resources allocated, the PFL is well-positioned to drive the growth of MMA on the continent, offering new opportunities for fighters and fans alike. The next few years are poised to witness a transformative period for African MMA, with Ngannou leading the charge.

PFL Africa: Francis Ngannou Leads the Charge in Expanding MMA on the Continent


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