Top 5: The Biggest 5 Kickboxing Promotions in Europe

The best and biggest kickboxing events in Europe.

Kickboxing has gained immense popularity across Europe, with several organizations standing out for their high-quality events and world-class fighters. For fans in the UK and beyond, these promotions represent the pinnacle of the sport. Here, we highlight the biggest 5 kickboxing promotions in Europe, each contributing significantly to the global kickboxing landscape.

1. Glory Kickboxing

Glory Kickboxing is undoubtedly the best kickboxing promotion in Europe. Known for its spectacular events and elite fighters, Glory consistently delivers top-ranked fight promotions. The organization has elevated the profile of kickboxing with its high-energy matches and professional production values. Glory events attract fans from all over the world, making it a premier kickboxing promotion.

2. Enfusion

Based in the Netherlands, Enfusion is a top kickboxing organization renowned for its dynamic events and top-tier athletes. Enfusion has made a name for itself as one of the leading kickboxing promotions, offering fans an exciting blend of established champions and rising stars. The promotion’s commitment to showcasing high-quality fights has earned it a loyal following among combat sports enthusiasts in Europe and the UK.

3. KOK (King of Kings)

King of Kings (KOK) is another leading kickboxing promotion in Europe, known for its exciting events and top-level fighters. KOK has successfully carved out a niche in the kickboxing world with its professional approach and dedication to the sport. The promotion’s events are held in various European countries, consistently drawing large audiences and providing a platform for both established and up-and-coming fighters.

4. DFS ( Dynamite Fighting Show )

Dynamite Fghting Show, headquartered in Romania, is a premier kickboxing promotion that has gained global recognition. Dynamite Fghting Show is celebrated for its high-energy events and elite fighters, making it one of the most respected combat sports promotions in Europe. The promotion’s emphasis on delivering thrilling and competitive matches has made it a favorite among kickboxing fans. DFS is owned by veteran heavyweight star Cătălin Moroșanu. It is the most popular combat sports and kickboxing promotion company in Romania.

5. FEA ( Fighting Entertainment Association )

FEA ( Fighting Entertainment Association ) is a European kickboxing promotion founded in 2009, which promotes and organizes professional K-1 tournaments in Moldova. These projects are popular especially in Europe and CIS countries. The owner and the president of the organization is Dorin Damir.


Europe is home to some of the most prestigious kickboxing promotions in the world. Glory Kickboxing, Enfusion, DFS Dynamite Fighting Show, and FEA ( Fighting Entertainment Association ) are the top kickboxing organizations that have set the standard for excellence in the sport. These elite combat sports leagues offer fans in the UK and across Europe an unparalleled kickboxing experience, showcasing the best talent and delivering unforgettable events.

Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the sport, following these top-ranked fight promotions will ensure you stay updated on the best kickboxing action in Europe. For the latest news, event schedules, and fighter profiles, keep an eye on these leading kickboxing promotions.

Muay Thai Grand Prix (MTGP) is another top kickboxing promotion that has gained a significant following in the UK. Although primarily focused on Muay Thai, MTGP also hosts a number of kickboxing bouts, attracting top talent from both disciplines. Their events are known for their vibrant atmosphere and top-level competition, making MTGP a must-follow promotion for any kickboxing enthusiast.

Top Kickboxing Events

Top 5 Kickboxing Promotions events in Europe
Benny Adegbuyi - Glory Kickboxing Fighter

Paul Nicholls & Benny Adegbuyi – Glory Kickboxing Referee & Fighter

Top 5 kickboxing promotions in Europe

  • Glory Kickboxing.
  • Enfusion.
  • KOK King of Kings.
  • DFS Dynamite Fighting Show.
  • FEA Fighting Entertainment Association.

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Biggest kickboxing promotion

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